About me

Hi, I am David.

Since before I can remember I wanted to be a zoo director because I like animals. Later on I wanted to tell stories through movies. I spent my 11th birthday making a movie with my friends. The result was terrible, but I was really proud of it. Around that time I learned about game maker and together with a friend I participated in a local game making competition. We became third and we both won an iPod shuffle. I went on to create three more game maker games, most of these games are downloadable on my website.

I like to design and program Artificial Intelligence in games because it is similar to writing a character and coming up with ways that character would behave in different situations and it allows me to come up with strategies for that character. I like projects where the story or mechanics revolve around things like politics, battle tactics, history and science fiction. I like to work with people who are enthusiast and usually happy.

List of skills:

Game engines
- I work a lot with unity
- I work a lot with unreal engine
- I have worked a lot with game maker in the past

Programming languages
- good at C#
- good at blueprinting in unreal engine
- can do basic things with C++ in unreal engine
- I have worked with PHP, HTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript making this website

- SFX recording
- SFX editing
- voice acting

Film related
- directing
- video editing
- script writing